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Al Zuhour Private School in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates is a private school that has been in successful operation since 1995 when it was established by its previous owners, Dr. Aisha Al Nakhy and Mrs. Afaf Abdel Hameed as the Principal. As it grew in size and prominence, it moved to new premises in Mowailih school zone area in 2001 and has grown ever since till it was sold to First Education Holding in 2008. The school has grown and developed over the past sixteen years and continues to do so under the leadership of Mr. Yehia Kallash.

It is situated in the heart of a fast growing city of Sharjah. Al Zuhour offers affordable quality education to more than 2800 students of various nationalities but mainly UAE locals and Arab Expats.

The school offers education in the American curriculum. Al Zuhour Private School values education greatly and aims at creating a community of empowered students in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. At Al Zuhour Private School every student is inspired and challenged to learn, grow and accomplish academic and social goals.

Additionally, the main focus of Al Zuhour Private School in Sharjah is to provide the opportunity for a comprehensive education for all students which focus on cognitive, emotional, physical and social development. The educational program at Al Zuhour fosters reading of students, writing, calculating, problem solving, critical thinking skills, and self-expression. The school environment nurtures self-confidence, independence, cooperation, and the physical well-being of all students. Al Zuhour Private School encourages students to develop a sense of values and responsibilities which enables them to be contributing members of their community and of the multicultural, global society. In partnership with the family, the school guides students towards becoming lifelong learners with a positive outlook on the world.