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AZPS Curriculum

Being a NEASC candidate and Cognia school AlZuhour Private School (AZPS) defines learning as a process by which individuals acquire knowledge, and skills through researching, experimenting, and problem solving. During this process teachers act as facilitators by providing hands on experiences that require high level thinking skills. We build our curriculum on New York State standards for education revolving around Common Core in English Language Arts, Math courses and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The curriculum extends to the Ministry of Education in UAE with Arabic, Islamic and Social studies offered in Arabic or English as per rules and regulations of local authorities.

In our school we value interactive learning as well as academic rigor, We believe that developing a strong connection to real life application along with the acquisition of knowledge and skills will allow students to become life-long learners. Sports, academics, arts, community service – whatever the focus is, extracurricular activities keep students busy beyond the school hours. Furthermore, participants benefit academically, socially and emotionally when choosing meaningful extracurricular activities .Keeping the importance of extracurricular activities in mind helps students choose and stick with groups that match their interests.